Presentation of the new "MoveMe Brescia" app

In the past few days the new "Moveme Brescia" app was presented, the result of a partnership between the Arriva-Deutsche Bahn Group, Brescia Mobilità Group and Door2Door GmbH.

The app, a free download from Google Play and the App Store, offers all possible travel solutions for moving around Brescia and the surrounding province, including public transport, bike sharing, taxi, car or walking. The localisation function lets you see the mobility options available to you in your current location: public transport stops, departing buses and subways and the number of available spots in car parks.

And that's not all! The app lets you purchase tickets with a convenient link, see a map of the 73 Bicimia stations and the current number of bikes available at each and unlock a bike with a simple click.

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For more info:
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