Bicimia: Inauguration of the new "Villaggio Sereno" station

Bicimia has expanded its reach into the southern part of the city, the bike-sharing service inaugurating a new station at Villaggio Sereno, bringing the total to 73 stations.

The new Bicimia station is called "Villaggio Sereno" and is located in the district of the same name between Via IX and Via XII, requested by the City of Brescia and Brescia Mobilità Group to effectively respond to the needs of users who demanded better coverage in the southern part of the city.

Using Bicimia is extremely easy: just find the nearest station and the availability of bikes at - Green Mobility / Bicimia section or by using the BICIMIA app which puts on your smartphone all the information you need to use the service, take a bicycle by passing your card across the reader and then when you're done leave it at one of the 73 stations located throughout the city, from north to south.

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