6 May - 30 September 2017: Mimmo Paladino inaugurates Brixia Contemporary

The Brescia Mobilità Group participates in Brixia Contemporary, the project of the Brescia Musei Foundation and the City of Brescia that every year involves an international artist who will be asked to unveil a new perspective of the urban space of Brescia's historic centre thanks to a dialogue between works of art and places.

Mimmo Paladino is the artist selected for 2017, proposing a series of six works of art situated between Piazza della Vittoria, Piazza della Loggia and the Duomo before moving to the Capitolium, which will host the "20 Witnesses" (a work from 2009) and the museum complex of Santa Giulia with a series of works that accompanies the visitor right into the rooms of the museum.

A new, colossal installation in terracotta measuring about 80 square meters will be positioned at the subway stop at the train station as a sign of continuity with Subbrixia, the highly successful initiative developed jointly by the Brescia Mobilità Group and Brescia Musei which saw five subway stations featuring site-specific works by contemporary artists.

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