OMB International works in the field of integrated "system" aimed at the collection and waste management, today through its investee Omb Technology.  

In 2009 OMB International had acquired all of the assets (industrial assets, patents, know-how, trademarks) which already belonged to OMB Brescia Spa, a company active for many years in the field of the collection and waste management. The corporate mission was to apply innovation and technology in a key area of contemporary society such as that of the collection and waste management. 

In 2014, with the entry of private shareholders (who bought 40% of the shares), OMB Technology was established and acquired all the operating assets  and currently aims at providing an Integrated Ecological System where traditional products intended for the collection of municipal solid waste, while continuing to play a primary and fundamental role within the company, complete with new proposals in a more generically ecological area. 

Nowadays, the activity of Omb International is mainly related to administrative domains: debt recovery, suppliers payment, while on the operating side Omb International takes care of aftermarket activities related to the facilities already present on the market, delegating their implementation to Omb Technology.

For more information on Omb Technology activities please 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207