The Group




Mobility Brescia SpA is the company held by Brescia Municipality constituted on December 28, 2001 as a spin-off of ASM Brescia SpA in order to manage Brescia urban district mobility  according to the policies of the Public Administration and aiming to improve the livability of the urban area, by reducing  traffic congestion and promoting eco- friendly and sustainable solutions.

After its recent reorganization, Brescia Mobilità SpA supervises  the activities regarding urban mobility either directly or through its subsidiaries:
-It direcltly manages  car parks, parking meters, bike-sharing, limited traffic zone,  traffic lights and other traffic control services, CC-TV cameras, electrical and photovoltaic plants
-Brescia Trasporti SpA (100% controlled by Brescia Mobilità) manages public transport by road in the Municipality of Brescia and 14 neighboring municipalities;
- Metro-Brescia Srl (100% from Brescia Mobility) operates the Brescia subway network.

The main purpose of Brescia Mobilità  Group is to plan, manage, and promote - consistently with the Public Administration guidelines - an integrated urban mobility network, ensuring efficient, safe, comfortable, customer-oriented and eco-sustainable services.   


Our Mission

Consistent with the guidelines of the municipal government, the Brescia Mobilità Group, in accordance with the needs of customers and employees, respecting the environment and the local region, and with a view of providing maximum transparency, plans, manages and promotes an Integrated Urban Mobility System ensuring safe, efficient and technologically advanced services.


Brescia Mobilità Group was formerly an  operative division of ASM Brescia SpA that was later merged into a new group.

The oldest division is  the Transport Division, created by  the Municipal Services Company, established in 1908 to manage the  electric tram-line service  (that  had just replaced the horse-drawn tram-line). Between the '30s and '40s the tram line gave way to the tram trolleybus line, while as of  1967 all the service was  converted to the bus line.

the Parking  Division was created in 1989 In addition to the Transport Division in order to manage the construction of  parking structures (parking meters and car parks), the management of which  was partially entrusted to the controlled company Sintesi SpA (merged as of January 1, 2014 into Brescia Mobility) founded by ASM  in 1971

With regard to the traffic light systems, maintenance was entrusted by Brescia Municipality  to ASM in 1973 and the activity was extended including  design and realization of the first installation as of 1976. The Department  went on increasing  its expertise by developing and managing infraction control systems ("multaphot" devices at traffic lights and "Multanova" devices for speed control)  as well as traffic control and CC-TV security cameras in town.

The "Metrobus project" previous study was carried out between 1986 and 1987 - under mandate of the City Council – dealing about  innovative transportation systems able to effectively encourage people to use public transport. The outcome of the study, which was shared by the Public Administration, led in 2003 to the implementation phase  of the automatic light metro system (MLA). 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207