Your advertisements in Brescia

Brescia Mobilità gives the chance to use  various advertising media: subway, buses, tickets, car park  and BiciMia-bike sharing. These tools allow you to reach a huge number of people.

Subway: an advertising tool that travels at high speed and comes every day in contact with thousands of people travelling by Brescia subway. There are dedicated spaces inside its new and modern  stations, on board trains and along the platforms.

Bus:an immediate media with great visual impact that can rely on a direct contact with people through large rear and side panels and full-size serigraphy.

Poles and bus  shelters
: over 1200 fixed installations distributed throughout the area served by Brescia Mobilità are a suitable medium for local advertising, visible both  from  sidewalks  and roadway.

Travel tickets and parking meters: it is possible to customize the front and back of  travel tickets (bus / subway, car parks and parking meter tickets)

Car parks: 
spaces available for large format display advertising. 

BiciMia: spaces available on information totems,  bike withdrawal columns and bike rear wheel covers. Your brand  riding throughout the city!

Timetable leaflets, maps, schedules: printed in thousands of copies, reaching out to all subscribers of public transport.

For more information,  contact Brescia Mobilità Customer Care

For advertising on subway and bus panels:

IGPDecaux S.p.A:

Centro Direzionale Milanofiori
Strada 3 - Palazzo B10 - 20090 Assago – MI

Tel: 02/654651
Fax: 02/6599037
Ufficio comunicazione: 02/62498294

More information

Customer Care Brescia Mobilità 
Numero Verde 800 013 812 - 7 days a week, from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207