Supplier accreditation

To be accredited as a provider of Brescia Mobilità Group, please, register your account on the platform and request  to be enrolled in the online register:

More information about: SUPPLIER REGISTER CREATION

Exporatory notice for lawyers

Available documents: Supply general conditions of Brescia Mobilità Group
Mod. A1) Declaration for tender participation
Mod. A2) Declaration in lieu of regular contribution payment certification and DURC data; DURC data form for subcontractors
Mod. A3) Declaration in lieu of Chamber of Commerce enrollment certification and data for anti-mafia certification
Mod. B) Self-certification for Legislative Decree 81/2008 requirements

Group Brescia Mobility DUVRI certificate:

Brescia Mobilita spa - IRAD  -  Brescia Trasporti spa - IRAD -   Metro Brescia srl - DUVRI rev. 0 del 01.03.2013 

Emergency Plan of Brescia Mobilità group:

Emergency plan of Brescia Mobilità offices
Emergency plan of Brescia Trasporti offices

Emergency plan for Brescia Trasporti - Desenzano offices

Emergency plan for Metro Brescia offices

DUVRI acceptance form of Brescia Mobilità Group  

Full information pursuant to art. 13 del D.LG.S 30.06.2003, N. 196 “Personal data protection code” available here 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207